Chain & Towel Embroidery Series
  • The color LCD display can be changed between several languages  such as Chinese, English, Korean, Spanish, Turkish and etc.

  • With all functions of common flat embroidery machines.

  • Common flat embroidery, sequin embroidery, Chain & Towel embroidery can be  changed freely which may improve the automation degree and embroidery efficiency  significantly.

  • Mechanical centralized circling models, half independent circling models indepent circling machine models are available for choosing.

  • The needle and the nipple presser foot are automatically lifted up(maximum 27)for easier frame exchange at the completion of embroidering designs.

  • Depending on the stitching conditions, the needle height can be wither manually  or automatically adjusted within 10 steps for the optimum stitching.

Product Description

Stitch length0.1-12.7mm(Binary),0.1-12.5mm(Ternary)
SpeedFlat embroidery(Common flat embroidery speed:1200rpm)Towel embroidery(Towel embroidery speed:1000rpm)Sequin embroidery(Sequin embroidery speed:900rpm)
Memory of stitch2 million stitches
Memory ofno
Main shaft motorServo motor
X/Y Stepping motorServo motor
Power inputAC220V/380V
Power consumption1.0-3.0KW