Tube Type Embroidery Series
  • The color LCD display can be changed between several languages  such as Chinese, English, Korean, Spanish, Turkish and etc.

  • Automatic color change, automatic trimmer, automatic redeem ;  embroidery, automatic detection of thread breakage and double , limit functions of hardware and software.

  • It is available with multi-functions as rotating, scaling, deleting,  duplicating, repeating, cycling, bulk embroidery and editing design as well.

  • During the embroidery process, according to the characteristics of the stitch, the embroidery speed is automatically controlled to make the embroidery more stable, reduce thread breakage rate and improve work   efficiency.

  • It can easily and quickly change the frame of different forms to achieve embroidery methods such as garment embroidery embroidery, cap embroidery,   tubular apparel and plain embroidery.

  • All kinds of Optional parts: Boring device, sequin device, simple cording  device,simple towel device, the beed device and the laser cutting device can be  installed which may make fantastic embroidery products.

Product Description

Stitch length0.1-12.7mm(Binary),0.1-12.5mm(Ternary)
SpeedHighest speed:1200rpm
Memory of stitch2 million stitches
Memory of designnot less than 99
Main shaft motorServo motor
X/Y Stepping motorServo motor
Power inputAC220V/380V
Power consumption1.0-3.0KW